High Bay Mounting Lens, Reflectors and Wire Guards

24 Products

Lamp Shield for 165W Linear High Bay
Lamp Shield for 105W Linear High Bay
Conduit adaptor for LOC-GDHB-200W-250W
Conduit adaptor for LOC-GDHB-80W-150W
PC Dome cover for LOC-SLHB-200W-250W
PC Reflector for LOC-SLHB-200W-250W
Frosted lens for LOC-GDHB (200W-250W)
Frosted lens for LOC-GDHB (80W-150W)
Wire Guard for LOC-GDHB 200W-250W
Wire Guard for LOC-GDHB 80W-150W
PC Dome for LOC-SLHB-80W-150W
PC Reflector for LOC-SLHB-80W-150W
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Select up to 4 items to compare.