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The emergency backup battery for LED lights allows LED fixtures to be used as emergency lighting units. These products range to cover a variety of LED fixtures. It is used for both normal and emergency lighting operations, which switches to the emergency mode after a blackout. Having light fixtures with an emergency backup is key to keeping your business or home lit up in times of need. If you have any questions such as "how do light bulbs work with a backup battery", give us a call!
Product Model # Watts Lumens CCT Voltage
LOC-EMDR-15W-05015W100-277Vac/347Vac, 50/60Hz
Product Model # Watts Lumens CCT Voltage
LOD-­­05436012054W50/60 Hz
LOD-­­02736006027W50/60 Hz
LOD-­­03636009036W50/60 Hz
LOD-­­01836004518W50/60 Hz

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