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LED Flood Light / Knuckle Mount Flood / Stadium

General LED flood lighting, corridor lighting, security lighting, and roof top lighting. The outdoor spotlight bulb is mostly used for industrial and commercial applications such as stadium lighting, road and area lighting, parking decks, auto dealerships, high masts, sports fields and other recreational areas.
Product Model # Watts Lumens CCT Voltage
LOD-FL-200W50K-HL (With Nichia 3030 LED)200W24,500LM5,000KAC100-277V
LOD-FL-100W50K-HL (With Nichia 3030 LED)100W12,800LM5,000KAC100-277V
LOD-FL-150W50K-HL (With Nichia 3030 LED)150W19,000LM5,000KAC100-277V
LOD-FL-50W50K-HL (With Nichia 3030 LED)50W6,200LM5,000KAC100-277V
LOD-FL-30W50K-HL (With Nichia 3030 LED)30W2,700LM5,000KAC100-277V
Product Model # Watts Lumens CCT Voltage

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